Pursuant to Such Agreement

Pursuant to Such Agreement: A Guide to Legalese in Modern Writing

If you`ve ever read a legal document, you`ve likely come across the phrase “pursuant to such agreement.” The term may appear archaic or confusing to modern readers, but it holds particular importance in legal writing. As a professional, it`s crucial to understand the language used in legal writing and how it affects search engine optimization.

What Does “Pursuant to Such Agreement” Mean?

“Pursuant to such agreement” is a phrase commonly used in legal documents to indicate that a clause or action is in accordance with a previous agreement. It is a legalese way of saying “according to the terms of the agreement” or “as specified in the agreement.”

For instance, let`s say two parties agree to a contract, and they agree to a provision that reads, “The seller agrees to deliver the products to the buyer, pursuant to such agreement.” This means that the seller is committed to delivering the products in line with the terms outlined in the agreement.

Why Does Legal Writing Use “Pursuant to Such Agreement”?

Legal writing is meant to be precise and unambiguous, and using “pursuant to such agreement” improves clarity. The phrase sets a reference point for the reader, directing them back to the previous agreement`s terms and conditions, ensuring compliance and avoiding any confusion or misunderstandings.

The Importance of Clear Language in SEO

Using precise language in legal writing is essential, but it`s also important to keep readability in mind. The legal industry has a reputation for using obscure jargon, but modern legal writing should aim for clarity and simplicity. Employing clear language in legal documents ensures that the reader understands the text`s meaning, which is essential for search engine optimization.

Search engines are designed to match user queries with relevant pages based on their content. So, if your legal writing`s language is too complex, it may not rank well on search engines, leading to a lower online presence and fewer visitors to your website. Visitors to your site who find it challenging to understand the writing may leave without engaging further.

Therefore, it is essential to balance clarity in writing with legal precision. A good practice is to avoid excessive jargon and use plain language wherever possible to ensure the legal document is easy to read and understand.


In conclusion, “pursuant to such agreement” is a phrase frequently used in legal writing to refer to the terms of previous agreements. As a professional, understanding legal language is essential as it can affect how your website ranks on search engines. Keep in mind that the language used in legal documents should be precise, and it`s crucial to balance this with readability to ensure your writing is as effective as possible.

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